Effortless Reordering: Speed Up Your Checkout for Repeat Purchases!

Customer Dashboard Pro Reorder shortens the sales cycle for your customers, making repeat purchases quick and easy.

No more searching for past purchases! With Customer Dashboard Pro Reorder, placing an order for a previously purchased product is now hassle-free and straightforward.

Simply log in to your Shopify customer account, browse order history, and reorder with a single click using the convenient 'Add to Cart' functionality. It's that easy!

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Enable customers to effortlessly edit cart items while reordering

Customer Dashboard Pro Reorder allows customers to easily include/exclude items in the reorder. Additionally, they can adjust product quantities, all before swiftly adding to the cart for checkout convenience.

The customer can also check the status of his order directly. For which Customer Dashboard Pro provides 1 special button.

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Revolutionize Reordering with Customer Dashboard Pro

Elevate Your Shopping Experience Through Advanced Order Management and Seamless Navigation.Experience Unmatched Convenience and Precision in Order Management.

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